Radar Systems Engineering

True Lifecycle Support

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SEG is an established technology solutions provider with broad experience in embedded radar system design and development. Consequently, SEG is capable of providing true lifecycle support for products from algorithm development to hardware implementation given processor and bus usage constraints.

SEG has developed and interfaced a versatile suite of tools for radar design and analysis that includes Receiver Transmitter (R/T), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a PC cluster to emulate parallel processing on power-PC based DSPs. These tools are designed for efficient and cost-effective transitions between the computer lab and the hardware using in-situ software and firmware development as part of the analysis and design process.

SEG experience includes:

  • CMMI Level 3 software development process
  • Hardware in the Loop (HIL) scene simulators
  • Radar complex scene generation
  • Radar development Foliage Penetration Radar (FoPEN)
  • Radar simulation
  • Embedded system design and development
  • CUDA (GPU) software development
  • Radar mode development Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) High Range Resolution (HRR) waveforms